Why istratgo

Why iStratgo?

iStratgo will help you increase productivity by replacing manual and time consuming HR tasks which frees up time for HR and managers to get to know the people through analytics. Request a Free demo to know more!

Our Value proposition

iStratgo HR, Talent and Performance Management Software is created for organisations that use spreadsheets or legacy HR Software to manage their HR, Talent and performance management processes. It is specifically for those organisations who want to change to a software that provides value in terms of saving time, increasing productivity without adding extra complexity. iStratgo has all the core HR features namely People & Analytics, Performance Management, 360 Degree Surveys, Talent Management, Time-sheets & attendance, Expense claims management, rewards and incentives. iStratgo offers value in terms of:

  • Ease of use – Modern and intuitive user interface which is easy to use
  • Customisable – Customise to meet your own requirements
  • Modern Rewards – Create your own rewards and integrate to 3rd party Merchants
  • User Adoption via Gamification – Reward points for using the system and right behaviour

Case Studies


Drive Employee Engagement


Greater Alignment of Strategic Objectives


Overal Improved Performance Outcomes

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