Transforming Human Resources through Technology

Transforming Human Resources through Technology

HR Tech is the not the future. It is the NOW.

The world has seen Human Resources technology evolve in time in order to catch up with the digital environment. From Paper-Based Systems where the HR department operated in isolation, to Early Personal Computer technology (which only had the functionality of storing employee data), to Electronic Database Systems (which allow for integration to other business functions and production of reports) and finally now to Web-Based technology (which focuses on automating as many transactions as possible to achieve effectiveness and efficiency).

Organisations are generally still at different stages at the moment. However, technology through this evolution has proved to be more beneficial to the management of work and people related processes through the following:

1.   Streamline of HR processes and reduction in administrative burdens

Storage and maintenance of paper files can be a huge burden to the HR team. Additionally, Combing through hundreds of hand-written application letters and CVs just to handpick a few to shortlist for an interview is a tedious process. HR Technology has made this easier through various platforms. These allow the team to post jobs online and put filters so that automatic selection of competent candidates is done effortlessly. Subsequently, keeping employee data on cloud is cheap, accessible, and secure.

2.   Improvement of data accessibility for employees and managers

Web-based HR Technology relieved employees and managers of location boundaries. Web-based HR Technology enables employees and managers to have access to data relating to them effortlessly through their mobile phone or computer. Instead of going to the office and requesting a form to fill in, an employee can simply do it in the comfort of their own home.

3.  Provision of meaningful reports for decision making

Although HR practices such as performance appraisals had only become formalities, meaningful reports on organisational trends can now be created. Managers can see which departments are underperforming and make  decisions. Web-based HR also provides a platform to understand what decisions can be taken to improve performance such as training or gamification.

4.   Competing more effectively for global talent.

Through web-based technology organisations, have the to reach people from all parts of the world. Organisations now have the opportunity to attract competent candidates from anywhere without geographical limitations. A competent employee makes a great organisation. Organisations can now attract the best talent from anywhere without geographical boundaries.

5.   Enabling HR to play a more strategic role in the organisation

Instead of being just a stand-alone department, the HR team can now contribute strategically. Through the productivity reports and other information, HR can become a strategic weapon for organisations to use. Such as helping Finance with useful information to use when deciding on bonuses and cost-cutting.

How has HR Technology helped you as an organisation? If it hasn’t, it is a good idea to automate all your HR tasks today to web-based technology in order to get these benefits and more!

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