Tips: How to stay productive while working remotely

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Tips: How to stay productive while working remotely

If you are one of the many individuals forced to work remotely, you may notice that it is not a bed full of roses. Along the years, employees were conditioned to work from the office. Although it is a structured way of getting the job done, it surely is not the only way. For example, daily work meetings require individuals to adhere to specific schedules, while general office hours dictate the start and end to each day. This is what governs the ways of work from an office perspective. So, what principle actually govern remote work? While it cannot be disputed that working remotely is incredibly hard, it is however, not impossible.


Below, are 3 tips on how you can maximise your full potential and remain productive while working remotely:


  1. Set-up a working space

It is effortlessly possible to wake-up to grab your laptop, and head back to bed to kick-start your daily work activities. But how many times have you ended up grabbing your pillow, drawing your blanket nearer and eventually falling asleep? For example, when you enter the conventional office space, you do not expect to take a nap or watch television. The brain is spatially wired to take the office as a place of work. To ensure high levels of productivity, you need to identify a quiet place where you will work daily, preferably on the dining room table or on a table in your study room. It is important to identify and separate your work area from your personal spaces. Commit to an area that will allow you to work without interruption.


  1. Commit to a daily schedule and routine

Setting-up a conducive work space is as important as committing to a daily schedule and routine. This includes waking up and getting ready as it would be the case for heading to an office. Draw up weekly schedules that highlight hours of work and activities that ought to be completed. A daily schedule should be clear and concise highlighting hours of work and times for taking  “in-between” breaks. Remember to log off at the end of each day. One of the most important work-from-home routines is creating boundaries. Log off for the day and not just from your computer.


  1. Be proactive in your way of communicating to colleagues and managers

Remote workers display a high level of autonomy. This gives individuals an opportunity to proactively complete tasks and activities anytime. Employees are able to work and complete daily tasks by following schedules that they have individually outlined. Unfortunately, remote work may not allow for excessive micro-management to take place such as having a manager peeping over your shoulder every second. Therefore, it is important to have one-on-one meetings with a supervisor or colleague before and after an activity is done. Such open communication, makes remote work fruitful and productive.


The notion of working from the confinements of an office building has become a thing of the past. The key to work from home successfully, is in creating an environment that allows you to focus on tasks at hand. Although work expectations remain the same, the environment is not. It may not be an easy transition, but you may as well make it productive!


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