Timesheet Management

Timesheet Management

No more capturing your time-sheets on manual and tedious spreadsheets, simply start and stop your timer.

Timesheet Management Overview

With iStratgo you can easily assign and track important tasks assigned to employees. iStratgo Timesheets are unique because they align to an individual’s KPI’s which are ultimately aligned to the organizations objectives. The alignment is critical to ensure that every second is spent on tasks that take the organization forward. Timesheet records are available to reference to ensure personnel meet requirements within given time and the productivity levels increase to the benefit of the organization.


A timesheet is a method of tracking and recording the amount of time that an employee spends completing given tasks. Traditionally a timesheet was a sheet of paper or a spreadsheet.


iStratgo helps you get away from spreadsheets and makes the entire process simple. Having a timesheet on our cloud-based system means that you can access it anywhere you are just to check your daily or weekly tasks. Even checking in on projects assigned is simple.

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“The iStratgo team are experts in performance management systems and we have learnt a lot from them”

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