Software stack for moving from Start-up to a Small to Medium Business

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Software stack for moving from Start-up to a Small to Medium Business

As an entrepreneur starting up, the last thing on your mind is a software stack to manage your business. Your focus is normally on building your product or MVP and testing it in the market for product-market fit. As you nail a niche and start getting paying customers your focus tends to shift to sales and recruiting a team. At this point you tend to see that some of the processes and tools which worked for you as start-up are no longer applicable. You now need to look for processes and tools which are scalable as you pursue growth. We have compiled a list of software tools per area which we believe are the best in the market for a growing business.

Sales software stack

Our sales process focuses a lot on outbound sales development to generate leads, to this efficiently we use the following tools.

  • PersistIQ ( – is the best tool to automate outbound sales development. It allows you to create targeted lists and run automated campaigns. With PersistIQ you can build in workflows to send out targeted e-mails with ability to automate follow up e-mails when you don’t get responses
  • Salesforce for SME ( ) – for our CRM we use Salesforce you get a lot for less. You can easily integrate Salesforce with PersistIQ and MS Outlook or Gmail)

Marketing software stack

  • Hootsuite ( – This tool is still the best for Social Media marketing. It allows you to post to multiple platforms which saves a lot of time
  • WordPress ( ) – We use WordPress for our website and blog because of the unlimited plug-ins we can use to track traffic and behavior on our site
  • Jovichat ( ) – This tool is great for website chats which allows you to connect with potential customer. It also easily integrates to our WordPress website

People/Human Capital software stack

  • iStratgo ( – this tool takes care of all our people processes. It automates performance & talent management, leave & timesheets, people & customer surveys, expense claim management, training and personal development. It’s KPI dashboards also help us track our KPI’s at business, project and people levels.

Accounting and Payroll software stack

  • Sage One ( – This tool takes care of the boring stuff accounting and payroll but hey we love getting paid.

Share with us your software stack you are using to manage your business.

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