Rewards Management

Rewards and Incentives Management

iStratgo enables you to link bonuses and salary increases to performance, whilst allowing you to create your own unique modern rewards.

Rewards Management Overview

iStratgo Reward Management focuses on creating a platform that can be configured based on customer requirements to link performance to pre-defined rewards. The Rewards Management Solution also taps into the concept of gamification by using a point system which is a fun way to encourage good habits of teamwork and high quality delivery.

Performance linked Incentives

A person is bound to work harder if they are aware of the benefits associated with a better performance. Therefore, at times regardless of the challenge ahead they continue to move forward as they know what lies ahead. Performance linked incentives act as a reward allowing organisations to retain top talent. As the employees acknowledge that their efforts are being recognised and rewarded they may aim to do it again.

My Dashboard

The purpose of a dashboard is to provide a visual that is easily understandable and simple. It provides real-time results by selecting valuable data from all that is provided and summarising it in a simple manner.

Rewards Report

Rewards Reports may not seem very essential or quite pivotal in the beginning. However, when deciding who gets the promotion or not it is the best assistant to have. One can easily track to see who has exceeded expectations and who has not. Moving forward appropriate changes can then be made.


The Rewards Management Module is designed to implement strategic methods and a rating system that aims to reward people that show potential or a level of excellence in their domain. This creates an environment that offers rewards and recognition for any developmental progress attained.

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