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Now more than ever, is the time to Measure What Matters.

Now more than ever, is the time to Measure What Matters. A lot of organisations start out with the right intentions when they set out to introduce some sort of performance measurement process. They want to track metrics which help drive organisational objectives and achieve their goals. This however ends up being a messy, tedious process of tracking a multitude of metrics, most of which add little to no value. So why do organisations fail to measure performance correctly? Taking a [...]

Income Inequality in South Africa

Are you really getting paid for what you’re worth? You could be underpaid and not even know it? By Chrissie Kafalinji The after effects of our freedom has brought its benefits, but we can’t deny that a large imbalance still remains. While your pay check isn’t exactly the topic for conversation during lunch, it could […]

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Effective Performance Management

Organizations have come to realize the great impact that an effective Performance Management (PM) system has towards growth. An effective PM system is one which creates synergies between employees’ goals & aspirations and the greater vision & strategy of the organization whilst resulting in increased business productivity. Investing in this type of PM system is the starting point of getting organizations to priorities performance. One phenomenon that is becoming apparent in business, is that great progress in terms of growth [...]

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