Platform for SaaS Reviews recognizes iStratgo with Great User Experience Distinction for Performance Appraisal Software

Platform for SaaS Reviews recognizes iStratgo with Great User Experience Distinction for Performance Appraisal Software

FinancesOnline, a top review platform for B2B software systems, has recently lauded iStratgo for delivering on its value proposition. In their iStratgo review, they praised our Human Capital Management Software for equipping businesses with “all the tools they need” to improve employee performance, increase workforce engagement, and gauge employee performance, to name a few. With this, we received their prestigious Great User Experience award.

FinancesOnline reserves its Great User Experience award for best performance appraisal software to products that offer an especially pleasant user experience, thanks to intuitive functionalities that make it easy for users to facilitate their tasks. This distinction can be credited to the various functionalities of iStratgo. This includes its business scorecards feature for guiding departments in planning and executing their tasks, 360-degree feedback functionality that gathers everyone’s opinions, and iStratgo’s various tools for analyzing business performance and project performance, among others.

While having a Great User Experience might not seem like an essential factor regarding your product.This should be a priority, iStratgo has created a great product, but more than that it created a product that people can use.It’s a simple system that focused on the necessary features that make a difference and are relevant rather than bogging down users with irrelevant data and confusing analytics.

iStratgo also received the Rising Star award alongside with a whopping 100% User Satisfaction rating. A recognition that signifies iStratgo’s increasing presence on the market due to positive client feedback, is very important to our team. We were also recommended as one of the leading performance appraisal software alternatives listed by the platform.

iStratgo, is definitely a Rising Star in regards to SaaS to invest in, simply because it seems to have mastered what big enterprises have forgotten “How to take care of their Clients” and tending to their needs.This is definitely a reason why iStratgo will be around for a long time coming.

Make sure to check out FinancesOnline’s review and try iStratgo today to witness first-hand improved results for your workforce and overall business.

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