People Management

People Management, with Records and Document Management

We simplify your HR by allowing you to store your employee records securely, so you can be compliant.

People Management Overview

The management of the organizations personnel is imperative in its sustainability, functionality and development. With iStratgo you don’t have to worry about employee information lying around in spreadsheets and word documents. iStratgo enables you to safely store employee records and attach important documents like employee contracts. iStratgo’s People Management stores important demographic information which helps with people analytics.

People Records

Instead of checking through files for hours on end trying to find the details of certain employees. iStratgo makes everything simpler with our easy to use system that allows you to store employee details at your fingertips in a secure system and access to a document manager to store imperative documents.

People Compensation

Compensation can be defined as all of the rewards earned by employees in return for their performance. Compensation exists in the form of wages, salaries, bonuses and commissions provided at regular and consistent intervals.

People Reports

Save valuable amounts of time by having an overview of a person’s performance and developments and areas that require attention. This allows HR to redirect their focus to the business moving forward rather that wasting time trying to consult individually with employees in order to get an insight to their progress.


The People Management module will be the powerhouse of your organisation with everything considered essential to your organisation at your fingertips. Trying to be holistically involved in your organisation maybe a bigger burden to carry then you initially thought and as result time-consuming. With iStratgo your information will always be up-to-date and issues like duplication and inaccuracy become a thing of the past.

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Lungelo Solombela Human Resources Executive

“The iStratgo system has proven to be an effective tool in our quest to transform our environment through automation”

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