Making work Fridays better for Employees

Making work Fridays better for Employees

Fridays are always the most tedious day of the week for most employees. The weekend air starts to seep in but you still have to spend the whole day at work. Some of us are in hurry to go and spend time with our kids, some of us are just in a hurry to go home and sleep.

Whatever your plans are, your corporate culture should be supportive of your lifestyle. Here are 3 simple tips your corporate culture could take note of to support you:


1. Listen to your employees

Most corporate culture is built on what your CEO or CFO thinks the company should look like. But seldom do they consult employees to find out what makes them most productive. For example, 65% of employees worldwide say they would work harder during the week if they knew they would have the option of not coming to work on a Friday. That might not work for your organisation but it’s worth listening to your employees to find out what makes them tick.


2. Each department is different

Most organisations have multiple departments that have different dynamics. For example, the Marketing department is often more colourful and loud as compared to the Finance department. These dynamics play a big part in how employees operate and how they achieve their targets. The most important thing is for an organisation to understand these dynamics and weave these into their fabric


3. Productivity shouldn’t be the only factor

Productivity is often cited as the most important factor by CEOs and COOs when justifying certain decisions. But there are two loopholes organisations need to identify:

  • Putting productivity first does not take into account the overall wellness of your employees and this could lead to employee dissatisfaction, long-term productivity lows and ultimately, high employee turnover.
  • You might be getting more done but the byproduct of that could be employee stress increasing which could lead to mistakes or even worse, losing bad customer satisfaction.


So the best thing for your organisation to do is to have a holistic look at your employees to allow them to reach their full potential while making sure they meet their targets.

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