Leave Management

Leave Management

Taking time off has never been so easy, submit your leave request from where you are.

Leave Management Overview

iStratgo Leave management allows personnel to apply for any type of leave as well as state the duration. A brief reasoning for leave application and the attachment of essential documents. This gives access to the manager to either approve or decline the application with valid reasons.

Apply Leave

Leave applications are one of those tedious, but necessary tasks that have to be completed in time regardless of how long they take. In terms of manual leave applications, the process involves lots of forms and a long authorisation and qualification process.

Approve Leave

Handling leave applications may seem like a simple enough task, but when you have to approve over 50 leave applications in 2 days, while still having to check the leave record books to see whether they qualify or not. Await managers authorisation and verify the attached documentation, it can be time consuming.

Leave Reporting

Leave Management makes checking leave records as simple as it can be without any hassles you can check whether or not a person qualifies for leave, in seconds. No more thick files being used to store records.


The Leave Management Module has made the entire leave application and approval process effortless. This time-consuming task can now be done in seconds and processed in minutes. Avoiding problems like delayed leave approval and application.

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“The iStratgo system has proven to be an effective tool in our quest to transform our environment through automation”

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