Keep your goals in sight and achieve more

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Keep your goals in sight and achieve more

Most of us have set goals for the year that we really would like to achieve. These goals could be anything from losing weight to travelling, buying a house or even getting a promotion. The biggest challenge we face is that there are always distractions, challenges and curve balls. These obstacles often make us lose sight of our goals. The result of these distractions is out-of-sight, out-of-mind. This means we end up achieving very little if any of what we set out to achieve.

The phenomena above is also experienced by business and other organisations as well. At iStratgo we have come up with a very simple methodology. We believe if executed correctly, the probabilities of achieving our goals are increased significantly.

Goal Setting – Define your goals clearly and break them down

  1. The first thing we did was to create Key Focus Areas. We believed these were the most important areas which we need to spend our collective time on. These areas were our overall boundaries, which means everything we did had to be within these boundaries. Some of the Key Focus Areas we came up with were Financial Growth, Client Satisfaction, People Development and growth and Delivery Excellence.
  2. We then defined the key objectives that we needed to be achieved. These goals needed to fall into the defined boundary areas. An Example below shows some objectives which support financial growth boundary;
    1. Financial growth key focus area had the following objectives
      1. Grow revenue
      2. Diversify revenue streams
      3. Achieve positive cashflows
  1. The next steps we took was to define the key measurable performance indicators. The indicators had to be measurable and have clear targets. The key performance indicators helped us to see whether we were on track or not. Examples are shown below
    1. Grow revenue had the following key performance indicators;
      1. New business sales target of R20,000.00
      2. Existing business sales target of R10,000.00

Goal Execution

  1. The last thing we did was to ensure that on a day to day basis every person was focused on activities that delivered on or supported our goals. We did this by designing a time/activity tracking module in iStratgo which enabled all of our people to first create activities which supported their defined goals and then track the amount they spent on the activities. By doing this we ensured that everyone within the business saw the goals we defined upfront every time the logged an activity on the iStratgo time tracker.

The key take-away in keeping your goals in sight is to consistently ask yourself whether what you about to spend your time on will in any way help you achieve your goals.


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