The Impact of Colour in your Business

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The Impact of Colour in your Business

The Power of Colour: How to use Colour to attract more Customers.

By Chrissie Kafalinji


Have you ever considered the impact that colour might have on your Business?  

If not, then this article might shock you as research proves that the attraction of customers may be based on your colour scheme…


Colour Associations:

  • Red: This colour creates a sense of urgency and is often associated with movement, excitement and passion.
  • Blue: This colour simulates productivity, while creating a tranquil and reliable environment.
  • Green: This colour is associated with health, tranquillity, power and nature. Representing harmony and balance.
  • Purple: This colour stimulates problem-solving as well as creativity and is associated with royalty, wisdom and respect.
  • Orange and Yellow: This creates a cheerful and playful environment that promotes optimism. Orange can also be used to represent caution.
  • Black: Symbolises intelligence, authority, power, stability and strength.
  • Grey: Feelings of practicality, old age, solidarity and stimulates depression.
  • White: Associated with purity, cleanliness and safety. Colour neutrality or a clean state.


Think about what you just read for a second. Some of the most popular brands have used this knowledge to their benefit and to plan their marketing strategies.


Colours also evoke certain emotions:

  • Trust: Blue (34%), White (21%) and Green (11%).
  • Speed: Red (76%)
  • Reliability: Blue (43%) and Black (24%)
  • Fear: Red (41%) and Black (38%)


In regards to the most preferred colour overall:

Blue is the most preferred colour within both genders with men at 57% and women at 35%.

Orange and Yellow are the most disliked colour by both genders.

Here are some examples of Brands that used the Psychology of colour to their advantage:

  1. Mc Donald’s used bright and exciting colours to pull the crowds towards them. While using colours that are significant for creating an appetite.
  2. Fanta orange, in particular, makes about 70% of Fanta’s sales simply due to its colours.
  3. Starbucks was able to create a relaxing environment by using green as its solid colour. Instead of something like orange or yellow, which probably wouldn’t work due to their niche.


Therefore, whether you’re creating your logo, picking colours to use at your launch or anything related to your business or personal life. Take a closer look at the colours that you choose to use. The Impact of Colour could just be the difference.

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