Expense Management

Expense Claims Management

Claiming for travel and other expenses has never been so easy. With iStratgo employees can submit expenses claims from anywhere at anytime.

Expense Management Overview

iStratgo Expense management provides an easy and organized manner in which you can view, submit, approve or decline employee related expense claims. Submitting expense claims has never been easier with iStratgo which allows integration with different financial systems.

Expense Management

In the past Expense Management was completed manually this process would then involve completing a form, spreadsheet and the relevant tax invoices(receipts) these documents are then sent to the manager or financial manager directly for approval. This was a long and unnecessary process that unfortunately often contained human error.


Have all your expenses automated and available to you at the click of your fingers. Reduce time and effort that goes into handling expenses. Instead approve, decline, submit and save everything related to expense claims with all the relevant dates. To retrieve simply go to expense reports rather than checking the books for hours.

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CEO Dark Fibre Africa (DFA)

“The iStratgo performance management system works well and does not require a lot of customization or additional bells and whistles”

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