Trying to balance all of your money

How to make your money last to the next month and beyond

Financial education is a very scarce resource that only a few of us have been taught. With rising debt default rates and increasing cost of living, it is important now more than ever that we teach each other how to manage our money so we stop living from paycheck-to-pay-check.   By 2022, roughly 40% of the workforce will be millennials meaning that they have only had a few years of having access to disposable income. This means that there is a [...]

Challenges Faced in Implementing Performance Management Systems

Performance management systems are processes and tools created to monitor the performance of preset long and short-term goals. The process of implementing such systems are very complex and requires buy-in from all stakeholders. Below we discuss the common challenges faced when implementing performance management systems. Lack of Sponsorship The implementation of performance management systems requires a strong and influential sponsor who can rally the entire organisation towards the same goal as to how the system will be implemented. The lack of [...]

Performance Reviews – Is Moderation of Performance Scores Fair to Employees?

Performance score moderation and adjustment is a process in which company managers come together to review and assist in changing performance scores (if necessary), agreed to between Manager and Employee in order to; Ensure that managers across the organisation have evaluated their employees using the same standardized practice. This eliminates unfairness in the performance review process. Eliminate the issue of one manager’s more lenient rating system versus another supervisor’s complex rating system. The effect of these moderations commonly results in a score [...]

Getting A Bonus? “Telltale” Signs That You Are Not Getting the Full Benefits of Your Bonus.

Bonus time is always exciting for those who are fortunate enough to get one. People line up to get into the manager’s office to find out if they have secured their bonus. Below are some of the “telltale” signs to take note of ensuring you are not being misled during bonus time; You Don’t Know What to Expect Knowledge on whether or not you are getting a bonus and how much you are getting should be upfront and authentic. This is because [...]

Re-thinking employee incentives and rewards

Incentives and rewards have long been used by various organisations as a way to attract and retain talent. The Silicon Valley – home of many tech giants has been in the forefront in coming up with new and unique ways to incentivise and reward talent. Even though large bonuses, share options and big commissions are still big and widespread other forms of incentives and rewards have been introduced to keep up with fast paced changing world. In this post [...]

Keep your goals in sight and achieve more

Most of us have set goals for the year that we really would like to achieve. These goals could be anything from losing weight to travelling, buying a house or even getting a promotion. The biggest challenge we face as humans is that there are always distractions, challenges and curve balls that are thrown in our way which makes us lose sight of our goals. The result of these distractions is out of sight out of mind which means [...]

10 Tips on Team Building…

Want A Winning Team? By Chrissie Kafalinji “Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” -Andrew Carnegie Teamwork might not seem like an essential component of your business. Unfortunately, the true value of teamwork can only be understood once it has been witnessed. If you are willing to experiment with a more collaborative environment then here are some tips to get [...]

Not an Extrovert or Introvert…You could be an Ambivert

There’s a New Personality in town…Ambivert. Have you ever taken personality tests online to determine whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert? And felt that the results just don’t accurately describe you… By Chrissie Kafalinji Perhaps you could be an Ambivert, let me start off by supplying you with a basic definition of an ambivert. An Ambivert is a person who possesses both the qualities of an introvert and an extrovert within their personality. I did some research and gathered 6 of the most [...]

The Impact of Colour in your Business

The Power of Colour: How to use Colour to attract more Customers. By Chrissie Kafalinji   Have you ever considered the impact that colour might have on your Business?   If not, then this article might shock you as research proves that the attraction of customers may be based on your colour scheme…   Colour Associations:   Red: This colour creates a sense of urgency and is often associated with movement, excitement and passion. Blue: This colour simulates productivity, while creating a tranquil and reliable environment. Green: This colour is [...]

The advantages and disadvantages of performance based remuneration.

By Shanice Campbell Since the early 1990s, organisations in most developed countries have invested increasingly large amounts of money and resources in measuring and managing their performance. These resources have been heavily focused to the implementation of sophisitcated software systems to help track and monitor perfomance and training on how to create a performance centred […]