Not an Extrovert or Introvert…You could be an Ambivert

There’s a New Personality in town…Ambivert. Have you ever taken personality tests online to determine whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert? And felt that the results just don’t accurately describe you… By Chrissie Kafalinji Perhaps you could be an Ambivert, let me start off by supplying you with a basic definition of an ambivert. An Ambivert is a person who possesses both the qualities of an introvert and an extrovert within their personality. I did some research and gathered 6 of the most [...]

The Impact of Colour in your Business

The Power of Colour: How to use Colour to attract more Customers. By Chrissie Kafalinji   Have you ever considered the impact that colour might have on your Business?   If not, then this article might shock you as research proves that the attraction of customers may be based on your colour scheme…   Colour Associations:   Red: This colour creates a sense of urgency and is often associated with movement, excitement and passion. Blue: This colour simulates productivity, while creating a tranquil and reliable environment. Green: This colour is [...]

10 Tips for Entrepreneurs

by Chrissie Kafalinji   #Tip1: “Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress.”- Li Keqiang Entering the Business world is not as easy as it may seem. One of the hardest issues is convincing people that your product or service is somehow better than the rest and actually worth their time. The fact is if you’re entering the market with a product or service that already exists you need to be innovative in the way in which you choose to present [...]

The Truth about Performance Management

The opinion of most Corporate ICT companies is that Performance Management is simply a time-consuming task and costly investment. The entire process is seen as ineffective and irrelevant. Let’s drill-down to the core issues regarding Performance Management and Why it has been labeled ineffective by so many organizations.

Income Inequality in South Africa

Are you really getting paid for what you’re worth? You could be underpaid and not even know it? By Chrissie Kafalinji The after effects of our freedom has brought its benefits, but we can’t deny that a large imbalance still remains. While your pay check isn’t exactly the topic for conversation during lunch, it could […]

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