The biggest HR trends for 2020

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The biggest HR trends for 2020

2020 looks to be the start of a promising decade with great advancements in HR. Here’s our list of the top 5 HR trends for 2020.


Holistic Approach

The job market has become even tougher and scarce skills becoming even more scarce. It is vital for HR to take a purist approach to looking at employees. 2019 saw a shift by most major companies towards the personalisation of HR for employees. 2020 promises to take that even further by holistically looking at personnel.


Technology as a transformational driver.

Most departments have always had technology as a driver of transformation and HR has always been lagging behind. 2020 looks very promising for HR Technology. The advancement of HR tech gives managers a complete overview of who their employees are.


HR adding more value to stakeholders, not just management.

HR has always been a tool for managers to see the performance of their employees but what value does HR give to employees? 2020 sees an awakening of employees using HR to enhance their working life. From employee directories to personal analytics, employees will have the power to make HR their own.


Use of Analytics

The advancement of analytics has made management very interesting and nuanced. 2020 promises to continue in the same fashion with the improvement of analytics and a strong focus on analytics developed for employees and not just managers.


Increased focus on learning

With the constant advancement of products, services, and the way-of-work, there is a sufficient bubble of knowledge that employees can learn in order to enhance their standard of work. In 2020, HR systems are making it easier to assign trainings that employees can take on their own time.


Download the PDF here: 2020Jan – HRtoday trends for 2020

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