About Us

About Us

We strongly believe that HR should be spending 80% of their time getting know people and not on manual and tedious tasks. That is why we have created a platform to free up their time whilst giving them data insights about the people.


iStratgo is a Human Capital Management Software that aims to be an industry-leading HR solution that assists establish solid links between organizational strategies, people development and performance management.

iStratgo feels responsible in ensuring that organizations perform at their absolute best. By simply ensuring their employee and managers are aligned to the strategic objectives and fully invested in the overall performance of the organization. Through the automation of Performance appraisals, Training management, Time and Task management, Expense management. Monitoring, Tracking and Managing of the organizations development is made easier and more efficient.

iStratgo aims to improve productivity by removing the manual burdens that waste valuable time. We want to ensure that your organization improves retention, rewards commendable employees and fill the gaps in order to guarantee your organizations development.

Who We Are

iStratgo is a leading brand and a principal subordinate of IMD Innovations Group.

We have our head office in South Africa. We are spreading our operations in several other African countries, and globally through our structured partnership programs.

We are very proud of our LEVEL 2 B-BBEE Status which we have been able to maintain for the last 6 years.

The rationale for the creation of iStratgo was based on a need to have a more focused approach to our valued clients in order to take advantage of both cross and up selling opportunities. iStratgo is a high-technology and Information Technology solutions company focused on providing value-added products, services and solutions through the convergence SAAS products, driven by market demand. As a part of IMD Innovations Group, iStratgo offers a selection of services that support Information Technology in a wide range of different industries.

We have a dynamic leadership team, with Ishmael Dube as CEO and Founder, He motivates and drives us to constantly innovate and provide our customers with the best technology solutions, while we continuously help companies and corporates realize their short to long term goals which make them remain relevant, competitive and profitable within their respective industrial sectors.

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