Not an Extrovert or Introvert…You could be an Ambivert

Not an Extrovert or Introvert…You could be an Ambivert

There’s a New Personality in town…Ambivert.

Have you ever taken personality tests online to determine whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert?

And felt that the results just don’t accurately describe you…

By Chrissie Kafalinji

Perhaps you could be an Ambivert, let me start off by supplying you with a basic definition of an ambivert. An Ambivert is a person who possesses both the qualities of an introvert and an extrovert within their personality.

I did some research and gathered 6 of the most common signs that you might be an ambivert:


#1: Your approach to people is often dependent on the situation.

You’re not anti-social you simply don’t say anything unless you’re sure that it will be of value. Rather than forcing yourself into a conversation you would rather sit back and listen. Therefore, exercising both your introverted and extroverted qualities in every given situation.

#2: Tend to want to be around people, but without as much interaction.

Confused? Let me explain. Basically, as an ambivert, you get incredibly bored on your own yet at the same time when you in a crowd of people you don’t really want to get into a conversation with any of the small groups or any individual at all.

#3: Tolerate small talk, searching for conversations about the meaning of life.

Common conversations aren’t really for you. You’d prefer to dig someone’s brain about every including opinions, thoughts and reflections. One could say educational conversations are more your thing.

#4:  Adjust personality based on the energy level of the company you’re in.

All humans were created with adaptability in mind. However, ambiverts seem to do it more naturally, choosing whether or not to socialise, with who and why? Ambiverts would easily turn into introverts if they environment demanded that of them vice versa with their extrovert traits.

#5: Meeting new people is fine, being in a new place is fine, but meeting new people in a new place is bad, very bad.

Although, one may hate to admit it. Being in unfamiliar territory is uncomfortable, but having someone you know even an acquaintance makes all the difference that you require to “Fit In”.

#6: Group projects or solo ones, you achieve the same high level of results.

As a part extrovert and part introvert you have the social skills to work in a group, but at the same time you are introverted and can carry out assignments solo.

Introverts are observers and tend to analyze people.

Extroverts enjoy being the centre of attention and are often defined as a people’s person.

Ambiverts display empathy a trait that allows them to emotionally relate to people. Ambiverts are often considered to be the best in sales and they possess both essential listening and vocal skills required to carry the deal from the beginning to a close on their own.

“If they are not well motivated, if they don’t have enough energy and enthusiasm, if they lack clear values and beliefs, if they have a lot of fears, frustrations and personality conflicts, then ambiverts will be unstable. They won’t have a sense of purpose and they will be easily influenced by external factors. They won’t be able to have a high degree of control over their dual nature and their emotions.

Therefore, managers need to keep an eye on their energy and motivation levels to make sure they perform at their peak.”- Ionut Ciurea




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