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How Africa can meaningfully support and promote entrepreneurship

Promote Entrepreneurship! The cry of every African Entrepreneur. A lesson from Silicon Valley (Book review: The Code – Silicon Valley and the remaking of America) We spend at least 1 hour a day as Africans using a product or service created in Silicon Valley. WhatsApp, Google, Twitter, iPhone, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, an Intel Chip, a Cisco router the list goes on. So why is Silicon Valley so successful and what can Africa learn from it? How can we use these lessons [...]

Alignment of Talent Management Strategy with Business Strategy

How to align Talent Management with Business Strategy Alignment of Talent management with Business strategy is one of the key activities that can help on organisational performance. The biggest mistake hiring managers can ever make is recruiting wrong employees for a certain job or task. Instead of focusing on how to beef up productivity and coming up with probably new revue streams, managers waste time monitoring the employees and correcting errors that would have been made. The organisation also suffers [...]