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Key Features
  • Performance Appraisals with e-mail workflow
  • Internal and External 360 Degree Feedback
  • Supports the Balanced Scorecard methodology
  • Self-rating, Manager Rating and Final Rating
  • Set performance review cycles
  • Set performance ratings


iStratgo takes away the headache of manual Performance Management and Human Resources processes without removing the element of human touch or interaction. iStratgo is clean, modern and easy-to-use, and makes Human Resources tasks quick and easy. With iStratgo performance management the employee takes control of their performance destiny by initiating the performance appraisal process.

Key Features
  • Employee Records Management
  • Employee Document Management
  • Employee Compensation information
  • Search employees by First Name, Last Name and e-mail


The management of the organizations personnel is imperative in its sustainability, functionality and development. With iStratgo you don’t have to worry about employee information lying around in spreadsheets and word documents. iStratgo enables you to safely store employee records and attach important documents like employee contracts. iStratgo stores important demographic information which helps with people analytics.

Key Features
  • Variety of expense claim types
  • Link expenses to employee
  • Expense claim workflow


iStratgo Expense management provides an easy and organized manner in which you can view, submit, approve or decline employee related expense claims. Submitting expense claims has never been easier with iStratgo which allows integration with different financial systems.

Key Features
  • Link Salaries to performance
  • Link Bonuses to performance
  • Gamification making rewards fun for submitting timesheets and appraisal on time


iStratgo Reward Management focuses on creating a platform that can be configured based on customer requirements to link performance to pre-defined rewards. The Rewards Management Solution also taps into the concept of gamification by using a point system which is a fun way to encourage good habits of teamwork and high quality delivery.

Key Features
  • Built Leave workflow
  • Holiday Calendar management
  • Unlimited leave types
  • Set leave days per job grade
  • Support for different working weeks


iStratgo Leave management allows personnel to apply for any type of leave as well as state the duration. A brief reasoning for leave application and the attachment of essential documents. This gives access to the manager to either approve or decline the application with valid reasons.

Key Features
  • Personal Development Plans
  • Training Management
  • Talent Matrix
  • Bell curve
  • Top and bottom performers


iStratgo Talent Management serves as a developmental platform that enables the attraction, involvement, engagement, retention and deployment of candidates that display excellence in their fields. Talent management is critical for retaining the top talent and managing out non Performers.

Key Features
  • Link tasks to KPI’s
  • Link tasks to projects
  • Track time spent per task
  • Benchmark time spent on activities


With iStratgo you can easily assign and track important tasks assigned to employees. iStratgo Timesheets are unique because they align to an individual’s KPI’s which are ultimately aligned to the organizations objectives. The alignment is critical to ensure that every second is spent on tasks that take the organization forward. Timesheet records are available to reference to ensure personnel meet requirements within given time and the productivity levels increase to the benefit of the organization.

Our Features


3 Way Rating

The 3 way-rating feature enables the performance of an employee, organisational unit or project to be rated in three different ways i.e.
Self-rating – self assessment of performance over a period of time which is sent to the direct manager after completion.

Centralized Reports

iStratgo comes with over pre-designed reports and dashboard which is accessible to various levels based on the configured access. Managers are able to view reports for their team and General users can only view their specific reports.

Comparisons Report

The Comparison Report provides a graphical view to help compare performance between employees in the same department, employees with the same job title and or department.


The iStratgo Performance Management dashboard helps leaders and managers of organisations to view the organisation’s performance against strategy, view staff performance and assess the talent pool at a click of a button (with options to drill down to various organisational units).


This feature allows an employee to apply for any type of leave on the system indicate the number of days they want and the reasons why. The manager is able to approve the leave nor decline based on the reasons that they may have, this makes communications a mutual thing because you will always get a respond on the system.

Document Management

This feature permits the manager to view and store relevant documents as per employee. such as PDF files, Word & excel documents as well as PowerPoint presentations.
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Self Rating

iStratgo is based on the self-rating principal which means employees rate themselves first and attach supporting evidence to justify their rating. This allows users to have a sense of autonomy and accountability for their performance.

Set Review Reminders

This feature is only available for the licensing option and allows organisations to set up email reminders on the performance requirements. The emails can be pre-staged for future dates.

Strategy Cascading

This feature enables organisations to set Key Focus Areas which are cascaded down to strategic objectives which are then cascaded down to performance measures which are set at organisational unit/department, project or job title levels.

Talent Management Matrix

The talent matrix is designed to help plot talent insights based on performance. You define your business rules applicable to your environment.

E-mail Workflow

The e-mail workflow notification is a feature which automatically sends e-mail notifications whenever there is a change of status during performance reviews.

Exception Reporting

This report allows the user to track the status of the appraisal process across the entire organisation or department giving you a status update of performance feedback submitted, performance feedback approved, performance feedback declined or still in progress.

Define Performance Contracts

This feature allows the administrator to define performance contracts per job title, organisational unit or project. It is a functionality that allows you to define information such as:

Performance measure/KPI’s;
Performance targets
Performance weighting


Organisational Unit Setup

This feature enables organisations to define functional organisational units in a hierarchical structure and assign personnel who will be responsible for managing these organisational units electronically. Depicting the organisational in a hierarchical structure forms the basis of organisational planning as every staff member is eventually assigned to an organisational unit.

Save Performance Scoring For Later

This feature allows a user to save their performance scores for a later date. This is useful when the user is not yet in a position to submit the performance feedback. They can access the saved information on any future date.

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